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          Don's Story


Donald Joseph Bautz was born on May 11, 1933 to his parents, Edward and Marie.  He joined the family as the third son and younger brother to Ed Jr. and Dick.  As a young boy, he lived and went to school in the town of Dumont, NJ.  At age 10, his father passed away leaving him to be raised soley by his mother.  Don graduated high school in 1951 and joined the army shortly thereafter.  After serving time in the army, he went to work at Acme Markets where he met his future wife, Sally.


Don and Sally were married on September 7, 1957.  Soon after, they bought their first home and settled in the quiet town of Ringwood, NJ.  They quickly started their family, having seven children in all.  Sadly, one of his sons died as an infant.  In his mid thirties, Don was diagnosed with a severe case of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  This disease started at a young age and rapidly became a life long struggle.  Being the type of man he was, Don never let it keep him down.  If he wasn't at work, he was with his family.  Despite his physical limitations, he coached baseball, taught alter boys at church, and was a boyscout leader among many other things.  One of the highlights of his year was taking his wife and children on vacation to the Jersery Shore where they created many wonderful memories.  Aside from his family, Don's greatest love in life was his New York Giants.  Win or lose, he was always in front of the televison on Sunday afternoons!  His smile and gentle disposition (and occasional corny joke) were the things people loved about him. 


As the years went by, his children left home and started their own families.  "Grandpa" was more than a title.  It was a role he fell into with great pride and joy and needless to say, he was incredible at it.  Many years later, he was thrilled to join the ranks of being a Great-Grandpa.  The happiest times during Don's later years were when he had his entire family together.  Perhaps that is why our loving Lord blessed him one more time and made certain that his wife and all of his children were by his side on his last day on earth.  Don's legacy will forever live on through his family, though on December 27, 2013, Don peacefully joined his son in Heaven.

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